Contract law

Contract law regulates the conclusion, execution, legal effects and possible breaches of contracts such as contracts for work, service, rental or purchase agreements.

Contracts can be concluded in writing, verbally or online. Anyone who enters into a contract undertakes to fulfil their contractual obligations. What these are is a matter for the contracting parties.

Missing provisions or ambiguous clauses in the contract can lead to difficulties between the parties.

We represent you in German contract law. We also take on the contractual enforcement and assertion of monetary claims or warranty claims for you.

Review of contracts, drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions

As a lawyer specialising in contract law, we can draft legally binding contracts and general terms and conditions (AGB) for you and thus prevent legal disputes between the contracting parties.

With our many years of experience, we accompany and support you. We work with you to draw up model contracts that you can use for your business.

We draw up and check your general terms (AGB) and conditions and those of your business partners. We are happy to take over the contract negotiations for you.

Contract enforcement

We stand up for your interests so that the obligations agreed in the contract are fulfilled.

We enforce your contractual interests through negotiations, reminders, debt collection and enforcement.

This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on your business activities.

We also take care of the contractual enforcement and assertion of monetary claims or warranty claims or claims for damages and cancellation.

Advice on and drafting of contracts in English

As lawyers specialising in international business law, we are your contact for advice, drafting and negotiation of international contracts in English.